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Welcome to My "WORLD" of ART: Welded Original Renditions of Life Designs

     What you see on these pages, is of my own design and creation as it comes from my heart and life experience. Each piece is unique on its own as it is truly hand crafted. Browse around the site. Enjoy what I offer. Maybe a piece will touch your heart in a special way.  I would comsider creating a custom piece of art of your own inspiration.   

                                              Wes Cookson

SPECIAL OFFER:  25% off all  in stock art until further notice; sales to help with unexpected heakth related issues.



LET ME DESIGN a Special Piece for YOU!

  I would love to work with you to create a welded steel sculpture to fit your life.

  Shown above: "DINNER STOP", 1 of the stagecoach sculptures I have built (available). Next "PICKING the FENDER", lifesize steel sculpture (available). "NO PARKING" and "HOME" #1 and #2 of a series of bicycle scenes I am working on; both are sold."TRAIL DINER" a chuckwagon sculpture (SOLD). They are each one of a kind, designed and totally handcrafted of steel by me. Color added by my wife, Diana, using patinas and metal dyes. Priced from $1600- $2900. 

Available thru Wes and Diana Cookson.

e-mail: steelartbywes@yahoo.com   or call 928-8330-6530

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